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Obligatory & improved health and accident insurance plans

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Personal Insurance

Liability, belongings, legal, car, valuables, buildings, construction & renovation, assistance, art, rental guarantee, life insurance

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Tax Optimization

How to save taxes with your private pension scheme, life insurance and the Swiss pillar 3A & 3B plans

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Buying a property in Switzerland. Real-estate & mortgage solutions

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About Us

Our company is based in Geneva. We use a network of reliable insurance companies and banks to provide our clients with the best solutions available on a case by case basis. We pride ourselves on not just selling you an insurance policy or mortgage and then leaving you out there alone to manage claims, administration and lost invoices. We remain by your side throughout your stay in Switzerland.

Your adviser

Charles is a qualified insurance professional who has been in the business for 10 years. He has worked as an independent broker and for two of Switzerland’s largest insurance companies. Charles is a UK expat himself and became a Swiss national in 2010. Call him for expert advice on your Swiss obligatory insurance requirements and to help you optimize your tax situation or for advice on buying property in Switzerland.

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‘My service begins the day your contract begins, not the day we sign it. This is the true added value of my work; you can count on me throughout your stay in Switzerland. When you have a claim, when you have an issue with an invoice, when you move, when you purchase a property, quite simply when you need anything. My professional network enables me to be your English-speaking single point of contact for all of your Swiss insurance, tax optimization and mortgage related requirements.’

Charles has been advising our clients for the past 5 years. We are thrilled with the quality of advice he provides, the speed with which he answers their requests and his continued follow-up. We highly recommend his services.

Luiza Amgwerd
Managing Director Global Relocation @

Thanks to Charles’ advice we were able to choose an excellent bank which agreed to finance the purchase of our property in Geneva. He also helped us to choose the best way to use our second pillar pension fund savings and the Swiss pillar 3A and 3B insurance solutions to finance the reimbursement of our principle and optimize our tax situation by doing this.

Molecular Biology Engineer

We would like to recommend Charles to anyone arriving in Geneva. He provided us with a very competitive offer for our personal insurance and rental guarantee when we arrived. He explained the coverage to us in a very clear way. He then went on to explain Swiss health insurance to us, which we actually understood in just 20 minutes, thanks to his original presentation. Thanks Charles and keep up the good work!

Trader in Geneva


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