Understanding the different modules of car Insurance in Geneva and Switzerland

Understanding the different modules of car Insurance in Geneva and Switzerland

car insurance in Switzerland

Car insurance in Switzerland plays a vital role in safeguarding individuals against financial responsibilities arising from accidents or injuries inflicted on others. Charles is your trusted advisor for car insurance in Geneva and Switzerland.

Swiss car insurance is categorized into three modules: liability, partial casco, and full casco. While the obligatory car liability insurance module is necessary for vehicle registration, the two casco modules are not mandatory but strongly recommended. Without them, your car is only protected against damages inflicted on other vehicles, not your own. To ensure coverage for theft, glass breakage, electrical issues, fire, and damage caused by rodents, the partial casco module is essential. Meanwhile, for coverage related to damage to your car’s bodywork, the full casco module is required.

Swiss Car Insurance Modules

Car insurance in Switzerland is structured with various modules to address different risks. Here are the key insurance modules commonly found in Swiss car insurance:

  1. Liability Insurance: This is the mandatory insurance that every car owner in Switzerland must possess. It covers damages to third parties, including injuries and property damage caused by the insured vehicle. However, it does not cover damages to the insured’s own car.
  2. Partial Casco: This insurance module offers additional protection beyond liability coverage. It typically includes coverage for theft or attempted theft of the vehicle, breakage of glass parts such as windows and mirrors, damage from natural events like floods, hail, avalanches, storms, and earthquakes, fire or explosion, collisions with animals, and acts of mischief (e.g., vandalism when someone intentionally damages your car).
  3. Full Casco: This module encompasses everything provided by the Partial Casco, and also covers damages to the insured’s own car resulting from a collision, regardless of whether the insured was at fault for the accident. Essentially, it combines liability, partial casco, and collision insurance.

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