Contents insurance in Geneva

Contents insurance in Geneva

contents insurance in Geneva

Personal belongings insurance, also known as contents insurance, offers protection for the policyholder’s possessions within their residence against various eventualities, encompassing fire, smoke, explosions, water damage, natural disasters (such as floods, strong winds, hail, and avalanches), and theft. It’s worth noting that certain risks, like fire and natural disasters, are typically covered separately by the state in most Swiss cantons (including Vaud, but excluding Geneva).

Coverage amount

The coverage amount is determined based on the inventory of personal belongings belonging to the policyholder, ranging from a minimum of CHF 20,000 to a maximum equivalent of the replacement value of all personal belongings. Experts advise accurately assessing the inventory value to prevent underinsurance, which could result in significant financial penalties in the event of a substantial claim. Underinsurance refers to undervaluing household items.

Coverage also extends to borrowed belongings and those of guests in the policyholder’s home, capped at a maximum of 20% of the personal belongings inventory value. Additionally, this insurance addresses supplementary expenses incurred from a claim, such as waste disposal, damaged item disposal, temporary window and door replacements, lock replacements, and alternative accommodation, also up to 20% of the personal belongings inventory value. It’s important to mention that cash coverage is often limited to CHF 5,000 and requires recent withdrawal receipts and evidence of physical aggression. Valuable jewelry and watches are covered up to 20% of the inventory value unless stored in a safe weighing at least 100kg or covered by a separate valuable items contract.


Deductibles, the initial amount paid by the policyholder before insurance coverage applies, vary depending on the type of event. For fire and water damage, the deductible can be as low as zero, whereas for natural disasters, it typically stands at CHF 500. For theft, the recommended deductible is usually CHF 200, the lowest option available. Compensation in the event of a claim is based on the replacement value of the items at present-day costs.

Extended coverage

Extended coverage options in personal belongings insurance in Switzerland encompass all-risk coverage, theft outside the home, protection for valuable items, coverage for fragile surfaces, windows, and glass furniture, lockout protection, and coverage for home improvements. Additional coverage can also be obtained for garden and outdoor equipment, bicycles and e-bikes, pets, horses, and damage resulting from earthquakes.

This comprehensive protection provided by contents insurance in Switzerland ensures that individuals can safeguard their possessions against a diverse array of risks, offering peace of mind and financial security.


Contents insurance in Geneva is a vital aspect of protecting one’s assets and ensuring financial stability in the face of unexpected events. With comprehensive coverage options and extensions available, residents can tailor their policies to suit their individual needs. By investing in contents insurance, Geneva residents can enjoy the beauty of this city with the confidence that their belongings are safe and secure.