Exploring Accident and Health Insurance in Geneva and Switzerland: An Exhaustive Guide

Exploring Accident and Health Insurance in Geneva and Switzerland: An Exhaustive Guide

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The domain of accident and health insurance in Geneva and Switzerland plays a central role in safeguarding individuals from financial liabilities arising from health-related issues and accidents. It is obligatory in Switzerland and cannot be avoided. This guide aims to clarify the Swiss healthcare system while outlining the range of coverage and enhanced plans accessible to policyholders. To emphasize their significance, we will examine examples of health and accident insurance claims in Switzerland, drawing insights from Charles McHugo, a certified Swiss insurance expert specializing in English-speaking clientele. For further information on his expertise, please visit www.charlesinsurances.com.

The Healthcare Landscape in Switzerland

Switzerland’s healthcare system operates under the mandatory public scheme, known as LAMal (Loi sur l’Assurance Maladie), complemented by various improved private LCA (Loi sur le Contrat d’Assurance) plans. Private LCA plans serve to enhance comfort and fill gaps in coverage left by the public Swiss health and accident insurance plan under the LAMal.

Because both LAMal and LCA plans are funded individually, they remain tax-deductible; as do all medical expenses.

A clear distinction between health and accident insurance is made in Switzerland. Employees working over eight hours per week for the same employer are obliged to transition their accident coverage from the LAMal to a plan based on the LAA (Loi sur l’Assurance Accident), as stipulated in their employment contract. The professional accident insurance covers loss of income benefits following an accident and offers better financial terms than the LAMal accident coverage. It also has the advantage of being partially funded by the employer.

Overview of Health and Accident Insurance Coverage

It is obligatory for all Swiss residents to subscribe to the LAMal health insurance plan retroactively from their official entry date into the country. This date refers to the date that is printed on the person’s residence permit. All LAMal plans include an annual deductible or excess, ranging from CHF 300 to CHF 2,500 for adults and CHF 0 to CHF 600 for children. This deductible is applicable per calendar year and can be changed once every 12 months with 30 days’ notice (before November 30 each year). An additional 10% participation (quote-part) is charged above the deductible until CHF 7’000.- for adults (up to maximum CHF 700.- per year) and 3’500.- for children (maximum CHF 350.- per year).

The Swiss LAMal plan includes:

  • Inpatient treatment at the public hospital in the policyholder’s canton of residence, without the free choice of surgeon
  • Outpatient treatment within the canton of residence
  • Home care services to prevent hospitalization
  • Medical consultations with a general practitioner
  • Medical consultations with a specialist via referral voucher
  • Accident insurance for Swiss residents not employed or employed for less than eight hours per week
  • Medically prescribed drugs
  • Limited coverage for medical transportation
  • Limited coverage abroad
  • Physiotherapy

Enhanced Health and Accident Insurance through improved Supplementary Plans

While LAMal health and accident insurance provide basic healthcare, an improved plan is required for more comfort and to benefit from a much larger scope of coverage. These supplementary plans, also known as ‘LCA plans,’ offer additional benefits and coverage options tailored to individual needs. Common types of improved supplementary plans in Switzerland include:

  1. Dental Insurance: Complementing basic health insurance, dental insurance covers routine dental check-ups, cleanings, and extensive dental procedures.
  2. Alternative Medicine: Supplementary plans cater to alternative healthcare preferences such as homeopathy, medical massages, osteopathy, or acupuncture. Over 60 therapies are covered in Switzerland on the improved plan.
  3. Private Hospital Room: Coverage for opting for a private room during hospitalization.
  4. Free Choice of Operating Surgeon and Private Hospital: Supplementary insurance covers the additional cost of freely choosing where to be operated, as well as the operating surgeon.
  5. Travel Insurance: supplementary plans also extend coverage for medical emergencies abroad, ensuring better protection during travel outside of Switzerland.

Real-life Examples of Health and Accident Insurance Claims

To highlight the importance of Swiss health and accident insurance, let’s consider three real-life scenarios involving insurance claims:

  1. Hiking Accident in the Swiss Alps: Picture a tourist exploring Geneva’s scenic landscapes and embarking on a hiking expedition in the Swiss Alps. Unfortunately, they sustain a severe ankle injury during the hike. Thanks to their professional accident insurance, they promptly receive medical attention, including a helicopter to take them off the mountain, surgery and rehabilitation, with all expenses covered.
  2. Chronic Illness Diagnosis: A Geneva resident receives a diagnosis of a chronic illness necessitating ongoing medical treatment. Their health insurance covers the treatment expenses, less the 10% participation and the LAMal deductible or excess, ensuring access to necessary care without any financial limit.
  3. Orthodontic Treatment: A family residing in Zug requires orthodontic treatment for their children. Thanks to dental insurance from their improved supplementary plan, they can afford the necessary orthodontic care without financial strain.


Health and accident insurance in Switzerland are essential and mandatory components of comprehensive insurance plans for expatriates and locals alike. The stringent laws and regulations, along with the potential financial ramifications of inadequate insurance coverage, underscore the imperative nature of robust health and accident insurance policies. Tailor your health insurance plan with CharlesInsurances.com for your family’s peace of mind.

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