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life insurance Switzerland

Life insurance in Switzerland

Life insurance Switzerland A successful pension system must compensate a family following the death of a a relative, otherwise the financial security of the family can be undermined. If the system does not provide an income to the widow, widower or orphan, the survivors could become a financial burden on the state. The Swiss pension…
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Health Insurance Switzerland

Health Insurance and Healthcare in Switzerland Explained

Switzerland’s healthcare system and health insurance is slightly different than in other European countries because they work in tandem. Switzerland has universal healthcare, but it is paid for by the individual rather than through taxes or by your employer. This means that anyone entering Switzerland must have basic health insurance… (more info on internations.org) Please…
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buildings insurance Switzerland

A Guide To Building, Construction, And Building Liability Insurances In Switzerland

A Guide To Buildings Insurance Switzerland, Construction and Building Liability Insurances By definition accidents happen without prior notice, buildings are exposed to multiple risks. Theses risks can result in heavy financial losses if the building is not adequately insured. To protect there financial security owners should always subscribe to building insurance. More info on buildings…
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Pillar 3B

8 personal goals that I can finance with my pillar 3A or 3B savings!

8 personal goals that I can finance with my third pillar ! Pillar 3B and 3A expert 3A PERSONNAL GOALS Purchasing a property or amortizing my mortgage Creating my company financing my move abroad Guaranteeing a comfortable retirement 3B PERSONNAL GOALS Financing the trip of my dreams Financing my further education or the education of…
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Contents insurance Switzerland

Personal belongings or contents insurance claims in Switzerland!

Personal belongings or contents insurance claims in Switzerland. A suffers serious water damage in his home. A’s washing machine breaks and floods the washing room and part of the living room; carpets and furniture are destroyed for the amount of CHF 12’000.-A’s replacement furniture is financed by her personal belongings protection. A is burgled.The damaged…
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swiss health insurance

Coverage available under LAMal and the complementary plans based on the LCA

The Swiss healthcare system is structured around a minimal compulsory public coverage referred to as LAMal (Loi sur l’Assurance Maladie – compulsory health insurance). The compulsory LAMal plan should be supplemented with private complementary health insurance plans to improve comfort and to cover the multiple areas that remain unprotected under the basic LAMal plan.If you are…
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