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valuables insurance in Geneva

Understanding Valuables Insurance in Geneva and Switzerland

Introduction Valuables insurance in Geneva and Switzerland plays a crucial role in protecting individuals from financial liabilities arising from damage to or the disappearance of their valuable items. This article explains the type of coverage a policyholder can expect, and the key features of valuables insurance. To illustrate their significance, we will explore examples of…
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Health insurance in Geneva

Exploring Accident and Health Insurance in Geneva and Switzerland: An Exhaustive Guide

Introduction The domain of accident and health insurance in Geneva and Switzerland plays a central role in safeguarding individuals from financial liabilities arising from health-related issues and accidents. It is obligatory in Switzerland and cannot be avoided. This guide aims to clarify the Swiss healthcare system while outlining the range of coverage and enhanced plans…
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contents insurance in Geneva

Contents insurance in Geneva

Personal belongings insurance, also known as contents insurance, offers protection for the policyholder’s possessions within their residence against various eventualities, encompassing fire, smoke, explosions, water damage, natural disasters (such as floods, strong winds, hail, and avalanches), and theft. It’s worth noting that certain risks, like fire and natural disasters, are typically covered separately by the…
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car insurance in Switzerland

Understanding the different modules of car Insurance in Geneva and Switzerland

Car insurance in Switzerland plays a vital role in safeguarding individuals against financial responsibilities arising from accidents or injuries inflicted on others. Charles is your trusted advisor for car insurance in Geneva and Switzerland. Swiss car insurance is categorized into three modules: liability, partial casco, and full casco. While the obligatory car liability insurance module…
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Swiss third pillar savings plan

Discover The Benefits Of A Swiss Third Pillar Savings Plan

Find out everything you need to know about the three pillar pension system in Switzerland and how a Swiss third pillar savings plan can improve your retirement. The Swiss pension system has rightly earned a reputation as one of the best in the world thanks to its reliability and stability. Carefully designed to enable individuals…
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maternity insurance Switzerland

Pregnancy/maternity coverage in Switzerland

Maternity insurance Switzerland If you arrive in Switzerland and seek maternity coverage, pregnant women are fully covered for all health care issues (not just maternity related), after week thirteen of their pregnancy until eight weeks after they give birth. This coverage is, with zero deductible, and without the usual participation. A complementary insurance plan allows for…
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car insurance Geneva

Daily life in Switzerland: insurance

Insurance companies in Switzerland offer policies for everything from mandatory health coverage to vehicles and personal liability protection. Supplementary insurance can add additional coverage to standard policies for many scenarios, including the right to a private room in a hospital, more robust accident policies and coverage that remains valid when overseas…(read more on swissinfo.ch) Please visit…
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Swiss tax optimization

Optimize your Swiss tax situation!

The end of the year is coming. Optimize your 2022 Swiss tax situation, contact Charles before 15.11.2022. More info on 3A & 3B pillar benefits Please visit our Twitter page

Swiss health insurance discount

Fantastic health insurance offers!

Swiss health insurance has gone up as much as 8% this year!! If you have 3 children, contact Charles, fantastic health insurance offers! Please visit our Facebook page More info on Swiss health insurance

Swiss health insurance premiums

Health insurance premiums to take biggest jump in a decade!

The cost of compulsory health insurance in Switzerland is to increase by an average of 6.6% in 2023 – the biggest annual rise since 2010. Health authorities said on Tuesday that the “considerable” increase would raise average monthly premiums from CHF315 to CHF335 ($319 to $339). For an adult, the average bill each month will…
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